Lenco L75

On this page you can download plinth templates for the Lenco L75 (or Goldring Lenco GL75, or Bogen B75) with or without its original tonearm, in PDF or DWG file formats.

Below is the free PDF template to print yourself.  Click on the image or text to open the full sized version in your browser, then save the file to your hard disk.


Below are the DWG templates.  They cost €15 each and are formatted for use with CNC machines.  Click the image or text to be taken to the purchase / download link for the file. The first template is for if you are using the original L75 tonearm:

If you do not want to use the original L75 tonearm, here is a DWG template with a blank space for a different tonearm or a tonearm board.  You’ll need to cut your own arm hole, or contact me to discuss a bespoke drawing with an arm hole or arm board to your specifications.

Not sure whether to download the PDF or the DWG?  Click here for the FAQ!

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